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Clermont-Ferrand, Centre Diocésain de Pastorale

27 - 29 sept 2017

3rd International Symposium on Fermented Meat

Beneficial microorganisms for fermented and biopreserved meat and fish products

Mis à jour le 25/08/2017
Publié le 27/03/2017

This symposium will consider fermented but also biopreserved meat and fish products. The exploration of the microbial communities of fermented and biopreserved products has aroused interest thanks to the development of metagenomic approaches. The third meeting will be organised to explore how these global approaches provide new insights in microbial interactions and their interrelationship with the meat or fish matrix, technology and ingredients. In the context of sustainability and clean label, starter cultures have a key role to play and could contribute to face the diminution of additives such as salts, nitrate/nitrite which are responsible for health problems in excess.

This symposium aims to divulgate both scientific community and meat industries about the latest developments in scientific research on fermented and biopreserved meat and fish products, from a microbiological, biochemical, molecular, biological, technological and consumer point of view.

Program :

  • Diversity of the products and economical aspects of starters
  • Challenge of the microbial diversity
  • Functions of starters or of microbial consortia
  • Focus on fish products
  • Clean label impact in meat processing and exploring possible alternatives
  • Ensuring safe products
  • Ensuring sensory quality

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