23 - 28 sept 2018

Big Lakes, Small World

The meeting will be the first IAGLR meeting held outside North America, and in conjunction with the 5th European Large Lakes Symposium. The meeting will provide an opportunity to explore and discuss issues and challenges related to the functioning of large lake ecosystems as well as ecosystems services, lake management, global stressors and lake data acquisition. These topics will be discussed from a variety of perspectives, including physical processes, chemical dynamics, and biological interactions across any trophic levels.

Mis à jour le 10/11/2017
Publié le 10/11/2017

Topics :

  • Ecosystem goods and services and sustainable management for large lakes
  • Large lakes and their watershed as a system
  • Diversity of the world’s large lakes and their responses to local and global stressors
  • Recent advances on the role of biological interactions, food web structure and biodiversity on lake function
  • What makes a lake large? Physical and biogeochemical gradients and fluxes
  • Research gaps and emerging tools/technologies for limnology
  • Emerging working strategies in limnology: citizen sciences, networks and team science, open science…

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